KU’s new Vice Chancellor, whose pay is more than the PM, announces £8,500 fees.

New VC to earn more than PM, while we pay the costs.

Kingston University’s new Vice Chancellor, who is to be paid £220,400 a year, has announced the decision to allow tuition fees to nearly treble as of next year.

Julius Weinberg, who has been our VC for two weeks, revealed last week that his humongous pay packet is nearly £80,000 more than Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron.

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Incoming KUSU President ‘false’ about his political alignment

The incoming Kingston University Student Union president has posted this blog, in which he discusses his view of representation and admits being “somewhat false” about his right-wing political ideologies in the recent KUSU General Elections.

Below is the response I left in the comments box, and the subsequent replies:

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Guest Blog: KU student arrested for vandalism at TUC march.

Last week was the TUC: March for the Alternative. Here is a fantastic youtube video showing a first-person account of police tactics at the event:

My friend, Joe Stanley-Smith, 18, who’s a first year at Kingston University, went along to to the march. He, unfortunately, got himself arrested for allegedly vandalising one of the lions in Trafalgar square. No doubt he came back with a pretty interesting tale or two about the day; so, I asked him to put together a guest blog for me. Enjoy!

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Grapevine to overtake social networking in KUSU!

Team X have lost the Kingston University Student Union General Election to Team Unity, so I’ve heard, but I’m left with a number of unanswered questions about why the election was such a shambles. I’m not questioning the legitimacy of the vote, but.. Why do I feel that Kingston’s students were intentionally kept in the dark?

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Yesterday’s Penrhyn road Picket Line.

Yesterday’s national UCU strike over disputes involving job security, pay and pensions, was the first time that picket lines have been held at all four of Kingston University’s campuses.

Kingston University's Picket Line.

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Strike Action Today!

UCU strike action, over the brutal attacks against jobs, pay and pensions in highter education, is planned over the whole of Britain today.

Here’s a youtube video, uploaded by , which shows University of London’s SOAS students and lecturers singing on their picket line on Tuesday:

Let’s work to make Kingston’s strike as effective!

You can follow the national strike action live, here.

Lead up to the KUSU election: Does politics have a place in our student union?

The big question that keeps recurring in the run up to next week’s KUSU’s General Election is this: Would having politically minded student union executives affect our University’s diversity?

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